Quick 5 with: Laurie Field

Executive Director of Ladbroke Hall


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With over 18 years of marketing and communications at some of the biggest brands, Laurie collaborated with Ladbroke Hall’s founders Loïc le Gaillard and Julien Lombrail at their previous space, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, before joining Ladbroke Hall.

Responsible for the launch of Ladbroke Hall, an ex-Edwardian showroom and assembly plant that is now a living community for the arts, Laurie tells us a bit about their programming and how you can get involved.

What was the vision for Ladbroke Hall’s programming?

Ladbroke Hall has been reimagined as the ultimate playground. Friday night jazz, classical Wednesdays, poetry readings, dance, theatre, panel discussions, live gigs and screenings, to name a few, with more unveiled each month as part of our Live Programme.

We love that you are asking the community to be part of what you are doing. Is there anything in particular that you’re currently looking for?

We are actively engaging with emerging local talent to participate in our live programming, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and gain exposure. Our focus primarily revolves around youth initiatives, collaborating with local charities like Dalgarno, RPT, and Nucleo. We extend our support by offering access to our space and inviting our patrons to contribute to the community.

How can people get involved?

We invite anyone to contact us about opportunities they would like to share by emailing patrons@ladbrokehall.com.

What do you think is special about the Ladbroke Grove area?

Ladbroke Grove epitomises vibrancy and eclecticism, and is renowned for its cultural richness and bohemian vibe. Dotted with a blend of historic Victorian terraced houses, contemporary developments, and chic cafes and boutiques, the neighborhood offers a dynamic tapestry of architectural styles and cultural influences. It’s a vibrant hub within London.

Anything else you want to tell us about for spring/summer?

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of the Classical Masters series to our lineup, featuring performances by renowned classical musicians. We’re also expanding our Live Programme to include cabaret nights, and will be unveiling Ladbroke Hall’s newly designed garden by the esteemed Luciano Giubbilei this spring. Stay tuned for an immersive experience in a beautifully crafted outdoor space that complements our commitment to providing a diverse array of artistic offerings.